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At the time I was teaching at an English school in the city I live in. Actually, I should say he loved the Beatles.

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow - Walkthrough

I was fascinated hearing about his experiences and told him about what had happened to me in America that summer. Up to that point, I had no idea that that was what had happened to me during the Deeksha meditation session. We talked for a while about Kundalini and he explained to me that I needed to find a guru now that my Kundalini energy was active.

I considered looking into Shingon Buddhism since I knew it was one of the more esoteric branches of Japanese Buddhism. My friend convinced me that I should find a teacher that knew about Kundalini instead. There were some Yoga studios around, but none that really dealt with Kundalini. But I was determined to learn as much about Kundalini as I could, so I started researching it on the internet and I asked my friend as much as I could every time I saw him at work. After about a year of study and daily meditation, I asked my friend about how I should go about finding a guru.

He advised me to go to Australia and meet his teacher. When I told him about my Kundalini awakening he was very surprised and said that for some reason the Shakti energy had decided to reach out and grab me. He also said that it was no coincidence that I had met my friend and that we had come to Melbourne to meet him. He told me that I should continue to meditate, practice Yoga, and serve others in whatever way I could.

When I returned to Japan I tried my best to follow his advice.


And there were accusations that he had been kicked out of the organizations for sexual misconduct. Even after the founder of the organization had died there was a weird power struggle between two of the swamis that were supposed to take over the ashram that involved kidnapping, death threats, and inappropriate sexual relations to put it mildly. But I put my concerns aside and committed myself to following this person and dutifully doing the meditation techniques he taught as well as buying many of his books and reading through them over and over thinking that I would gain a deeper understanding of what had at this point radically changed my life.

And I did have some pretty amazing experiences. I spent 21 days in something the Yoga traditions call the Turiya State. On Oct. Suddenly, I realized that if everything in the world is Shiva and Shiva is Bliss, then everything must be Bliss. At the moment of that realization the entire room where I was reading became filled with bliss. All the objects became vibration of deep bliss and joy and part of me.

Awakening Part Four

Later on I would realize how appropriate it was that I was sitting on the toilet at the time. For 21 days after that I experienced everyone and everything as bliss and joy. Imagine being in a great mood every waking moment because everything seemed to be this ecstatic joy radiating from within you. This was what it was like for me for that entire time. After the 21st day the bliss slowly began to wear off and I eventually returned to a normal state of mind, though I could still access that intense bliss and joy if I concentrated on it.

Another odd occurrence that began happening to me I called night visions. For about a month every time I would lay down to sleep and close my eyes I would feel a strong tingling almost like electricity in the center of my brow just above my eyes where the Third eye or Ajna Chakra is supposedly located.

As soon as the tingling started I would start having strange visions of alien looking worlds and sometimes other beings. I also felt like I was flying sometimes. I never spoke with the aliens or made contact, but sometimes it did seem as if they were aware of me. During this entire time I was wide awake. The night visions would usually last about 10—30 minutes. After they were over I would stay awake for another 20—30 minutes thinking about them.

The visions lasted for about one month and then after that only came occasionally, maybe once or twice a month. They were always interesting and pleasant and I looked forward to them. And of course these coupled with the Turiya State I had experienced made me think that I was making rapid progress, that I was well on my way to achieving enlightenment. In March I returned to the ashram in Melbourne for a week-long meditation retreat.

During the entire week I felt amazingly energetic.

Nietzsche's End Goal

Despite the fact that I had a cold, I literally felt 20 years younger during the entire time I was there. I practiced meditation 2—3 hours a day, attended Yoga and meditation workshops, ate vegetarian food, and read a lot of spiritual books. On the 6th day we had an evening lecture and meditation with the teacher. I had the usual kriyas involuntary body movements and blissful sensations, but after the meditation my eye sight became extremely sharp and clear.

I felt like I had a new set of eyes. My eyesight has always been good, so it was strange for me to suddenly have this weird super vision. Before I left for Japan I went in to say goodbye to the guru. I was pretty disappointed because I hoping to discuss my progress and get some advice about all the things that were happening to me. It felt very much like a brush off to me. I felt frustrated because I was having all of these experiences which the various spiritual books I was reading all described as strong signs that I had achieved or was at least very close to achieving enlightenment.

Sometimes small effects are worth studying and sometimes they aren't. An observant person deals with the details that are significant and quietly ignores the rest. An obsessive person pays attention to all details equally. The former are mentally healthy. The latter are mentally ill. Third example: a wrecking ball hanging vertically from a cable. Start by drawing a box. No wait, that's silly. Draw a circle. It's a simple shape and it's the shape of the actual thing itself.

Draw a line coming out the top if you feel so inclined.

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Keep it light, however. You don't want to be distracted by it when you add in the forces. The wrecking ball has mass. It's on the Earth in the Earth's gravitational field to be more precise. Therefore it has weight. Weight points down. One vector done. The wrecking ball is suspended. It isn't falling. Therefore something is acting against gravity. That thing is the cable which suspends the ball. The force it exerts is called tension. The cable is vertical. Therefore the force is vertical. Gravity down.

Tension up. Nothing's going anywhere. This sounds like the previous two questions. Tension and weight cancel. In summary, draw a circle with two arrows of equal length coming out of the center, one pointing up and one pointing down. Label the one pointing down weight or W or F g and the one pointing up tension or T or F t. Fourth example: a helicopter hovering in place.

How do you draw a helicopter? A box. What if you're tired of drawing boxes? A circle is a good alternative. What if even that's too much effort? Draw a small circle, I suppose. What if I want to try drawing a helicopter? Extra credit will not be awarded. You know the rest of the story.

All objects have weight. Draw an arrow pointing down and label it.