Trouble in Paradise

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She poses as a countess. One gets so tired of one's own class -- princes and counts and dukes and kings! Everybody talking shop. Always trying to sell jewelry.

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Then I heard your name and found out you were just one of us. And they kiss. But soon it is revealed that they have both been busily stealing each other's possessions. She has his wallet, he has her pin, and it's like a game of strip poker in which, as each theft is revealed, their excitement grows, until finally Lily realizes she has been unmasked by another criminal, and cries out, "Darling!

Trouble in Paradise

Tell me, tell me all about yourself. Who are you? He is one of the boldest thieves in the world. He meets Mariette Francis by stealing her diamond-encrusted purse and then returning it. He insinuates himself into her trust, advising her on lipstick and on her choice of lovers of course he has read the love letter in the handbag.

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The dialogue is daring in its insinuations:. Turn up the heat under this dialogue, and you'd have screwball comedy.

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It's tantalizing the way Lubitsch and his actors keep it down to a sensuous simmer. In the low, caressing tones of Marshall and Francis, they're toying with the words -- they're in on the joke. And Mariette is neither a spoiled rich woman nor a naive victim. She is a woman of appetites and the imagination to take advantage of an opportunity.

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She probably doesn't believe, even then, that this man is who he says. He has a way of smiling while he lies, to let his victims have a peek at the joke. But Mariette is an enormously attractive woman, not least because of her calm self-assurance, and he likes her even as he deceives her. What happens, and you are surprised to sense it happening, is that in a drawing room comedy of froth and inconsequence, you find that you believe in the characters and care about them.

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Ernst Lubitsch , short, plain, cigar-chewing, beloved, was born in Berlin, was on the stage by the time he was 19, worked as a silent film comedian, and in began to direct. Lubitsch ruled at Paramount in the late s and s he was head of the studio for a year , embracing the advent of sound with a series of musicals that often starred Jeannette Macdonald.

It is often said to refer to his fluid camera. Andrew Sarris, trying to define the Touch, said it was "a counterpoint of poignant sadness during a film's gayest moments.

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How gallantly they try to make a joke of it. A video essay about Mortal Engines, as part of Scout Tafoya's ongoing video essay series on maligned masterpieces. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland.