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Such lib responses on here. Ebenezer Richardson, a customs informer was under attack. He fired a warning shot into the crowd that had gathered outside of his home, and accidentally killed a young boy by the name of Christopher Sneider. In the years that followed, Adams did everything he could to keep the memory of the five Bostonians who were slain on King Street, and of the young boy, Christopher Sneider alive.

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He led an elaborate funeral procession to memorialize Sneider and the victims of the Boston Massacre. The memorials orchestrated by Samuel Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, and Paul Revere reminded Bostonians of the unbridled authority which Parliament had exercised in the colonies. But more importantly, it kept the protest movement active at a time when Boston citizens were losing interest.

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Sam Adams, from the original picture by Chappel, in the posession of the publishers, Even with the three pence per pound tax, the tea would be cheaper than all other teas on the market in Boston. While this may have delighted some consumers, merchants that had been smuggling Dutch tea into the colonies were very upset over this new tea tax.

Since the East India product would be cheaper, its arrival in Boston would undercut all of the patriot merchants who had been peddling their previously less expensive Dutch tea. To make matters worse, seven loyal merchants had been hand- picked by the East India Company tea to sell the tea in Boston.

They were called the consignees, and two of them were the sons of Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson. In the summer of , news arrived in Boston of the passage of the Tea Act. Preparations for resistance were now well underway in the colonies. Samuel Adams did everything in his power to garner support from colonial merchants who would be hurt by the Tea Act.

Samuel Adams started by forming the Boston Committee of Correspondence. The object of the committee was to communicate with other British North American colonies in order to share methods of resistance to taxation without representation. By November 28, the crisis was now on the doorstep of Boston. The first tea ship to arrive was the Dartmouth owned by the Rotch family. The ship arrived with crates of East India Company tea. Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty now had a deadline.

According to customs law, the ship had only twenty days to unload its cargo. The twentieth day would be December 17, Still two more ships arrived. Samuel Adams took the lead in negotiating with ship owners, and the customs officials for the port of Boston.

Samuel Adams - Biography, Facts & Sons of Liberty - HISTORY

On December 3, Adams ordered John Rowe, the owner of the Eleanor to unload his other cargo, but not the tea. Rotch refused to because his ships would be broadsided by two British warships, the Somerset and Boyne that were out in the harbor. Adams told Rotch that his ship must sail back to London.

Now there were only a few days before the cargo of tea had to be unloaded according to customs law. On December 14, Samuel Adams brought Francis Rotch to the customs collector to ask for clearance for his ships to leave the port of Boston. The customs collector stubbornly insisted that no law would allow the ship to leave before unloading the tea.

Wasted: How the Craft-Beer Movement Abandoned Jim Koch

Samuel Adams advised him to appeal to Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson for permission to send his ships back to London. Francis Rotch reluctantly straddled his horse, and made his way to Milton where the Royal Governor was staying at his summer estate.

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Rotch nervously announced that Hutchinson had refused his request that the tea had to be brought into Boston before his ships could depart. If Rotch attempted to leave, the two British warships and the canons from Castle William would blow his ships out of the water. After all of these attempts, Rotch now refused to take action. Historians cannot be certain, but many believe that this statement by Adams was a signal to the Sons of Liberty waiting outside to destroy the tea.

While Adams did not participate in the destruction of the tea, he stayed behind at Old South Meeting House along with other patriot leaders to provide a distraction to the British Army stationed in Boston. Although he did not wield a hatchet, or don a Mohawk disguise, he was instrumental in securing support and sympathy from other British North American colonies.

Commitment to American independence

The very next day, on December 17, Adams wrote letters to the Sons of Liberty in New York and Philadelphia proudly announcing how peaceful the destruction of the tea was. In his efforts to see the tea sent back to London, Adams made every effort to appear as though he, and the Sons of Liberty, were lawfully opposing the landing of the cargo. In a letter to Arthur Lee, Adams laid the blame on the consignees. His skillfulness to use the weakness of customs law to his advantage, and his ability to galvanize popular support for the cause which he believed in, solidified his place as a leader among leaders in the cause for liberty.

Today we are Old South Meeting House Package. Old South Meeting House. Tavern Nights Boston's only colonial tavern night experience Sample rustic fare, play authentic games, learn boisterous songs and cheerful dance in a spirited colonial tavern atmosphere. Shows run the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month.

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December 16th Celebration December 16th Anniversary Celebration Join us each and every year on December 16 to celebrate and re-enact the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution—the Boston Tea Party! Admission to the Old South Meeting House. Special, escorted access to the harbor. Special reserved viewing. This event sells out quick. The Colonies must either submit or triumph.