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Advertise with Us. I suppose the only way to displace the addiction of consumption is to replace it with a compelling angle on the world that opens up its free, simple and natural wonders … oh yeah, Buddhism, and thanks for the front line reports! Actually, you know, that would make a good idea for a post. Continued from previous….

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Setting: Kopan is classic Tibetan temple and monastery style, with dragons and other adornments, set on top of a hill at the edge of the sprawling metropolis of Kathmandu, and gated, so semi-urban while it lasts. Suan Mokh, on the other hand, is green and pastoral, with an ambiance that reminds me of Boy Scout camp. Noises are few and far between, and far away, as are the gilded and glitzy temples of the city.

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Recyclables are treated accordingly, and no drop of water is wasted if it can be saved for later use or recycled. This is part of the ethos and also just a reality of living in the countryside. Kopan is quasi-urban and subject to different conditions, so not as strictly obedient to environmental issues, apparently. More …. Suan Mokh, part 1—Price of Rice… streaming consciousness This is great information.

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Some of it was of my own making: the daughter, whose English is fluent, objected to my translation, finding it too rough in parts. She made very good corrections and observations, I was grateful for them and I adjusted the text accordingly.

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The only thing I can say in his favour is that he had the grace to turn down the payment of copyrights, which I will keep for him nonetheless or give to charity, since all copyright holders are entitled to 20 percent of the selling price minus taxes. The second and third cases, funnily enough, have got to do with titled sister writers of yore and the wonders of Thai bureaucracy. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.