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Moonshine , despite popular belief, did not originate during Prohibition. After the Revolutionary War, whiskey was among the items taxed highly to pay for the war. For this reason, poor farmers built stills in the wilderness, usually in the Appalachians, and distilled whiskey at night.

The History

Hence the name " moonshine. Poorly made moonshine distilled by amateurs during Prohibition was the cause of this. Many people intended to make easy money and so added things like embalming fluid to their whiskey. Moonshine is currently illegal in the United States because of taxes.

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It also has an extremely high alcohol content, usually in the range of proof. My grandpa and I went up to the still last night to start a batch of moonshine. General term for homemade, unaged and therefore colorless drinking alcohol. The term came into use during the Prohibition era in the United States when stills homemade distilleries throughout the southeast made liquor from corn, potatoes, sugar and other available ingredients, in direct defiance of the law, in order to meet the never-diminished demand.

Moonshine see also " white lightning " as a term refers to the alcohol's clear, colorless potency. Moonshine ain't nothin' but sunshine that's been cooked down a little bit, Deputy. A homemade drink high in alcohol. Also less commonly known as boomshine.

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Hey i know this girl Claritta that makes some real good moonshine. Usually made by the more "country" public.

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Not usually weak. Can be aged. Making it smoother and stronger. Chick-Damn,I got some of my dad's moon shine last night. It's been aging for like 14 years. That shit knocked me on my ass. Guy-Isn't illegal to make that,and sell it? A drink with such a potent punch it will put hair on your chest then burn it off 2.

Moonshine Can Still Cause Health Problems

Something hillbillys make when they cant afford to go to town to buy beer and of whiskey 3. A drink known to cause blindness and second only to petrol in potency. Now for the fun part! Distillation is an incredible process. Distillation is the process of separating different chemicals by taking advantage of different evaporation temperatures between the chemicals. This process is not creating alcohol, it is separating it from all of the other substances in your mash water.

You created all of the alcohol during fermentation well, the yeast did. Next, dial up your heat source to high until your still starts producing. Time your drips as they speed up until you reach 3 to 5 drips per second.

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Congratulations, you went from researching How to Make Moonshine to making your own moonshine! Never use plastic containers as this can lace your product with BPA among causing other issues. These contain the earliest-evaporating alcohols in your mash water and should never be ingested. Foreshots can contain methanol and should never ever be consumed. Methanol can make you blind among causing other problems. Collect the foreshots in their own container and throw them out. The heads also contain volatile alcohols like the foreshots. However, rather than causing blindness, the effects are less extreme — like one hell of a hangover.

Like the foreshots, collect your heads in their own containers and throw them out. This is the good stuff, mostly ethanol.

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At this point you should start losing the harsh, solvent smell present during the heads. The flavor of corn mash moonshine should now be smooth and sweet. This is the stage where skill and experience come most into play. Isolating your hearts well, while maximizing production of them is a bit of an art.

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As you reach the end of the ethanol and move into the final stage of your production you hit the tails. The tails will taste very different from the hearts.

The product will begin to feel slippery between your fingers. This is due to water, carbohydrates, and proteins present. You can set your tails aside for later distillation or toss them. You made it, well done. We hope you made a knockout batch. Now all that is left is to thoroughly clean your entire setup. Allow to dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry place. When learning how to make moonshine, you are playing the part of both scientist and artist.

This is a delicate dance that can take years to really cultivate. We recommend always keeping detailed notes on your moonshine production. Then, upon review, you can identify opportunities to improve in the future. You have now successfully learned how to make moonshine with a corn mash recipe! Let us know what you thought of this guide by leaving a comment or a star rating below. How to Make Moonshine 4 A Very heart felt thank you for your help your customer service is the best always ready to do what ever it takes to make sure that you are happy.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Getting Started: Picking Your Type of Moonshine Mash There are several types of mash we can choose from when getting ready to produce a batch of moonshine. Stir mixture continuously for 7 minutes. This process takes several hours on its own, but can be sped up significantly with the use of an immersion cooler. Aerate the mixture by dumping it back and forth between two separate containers for 5 minutes.

Moonshine – Ole Smoky Moonshine

Pour the mixture into your fermentation bucket. We carry complete kits for these as well as the materials to produce your own. It is important to have the bucket, cap, and air-lock. A spigot also makes for easier pouring. See how to use hydrometer video Straining Siphon mash water out of the mixture, taking care to leave behind all solid material and sediment, and into a container to adjust pH. Prepping Your Still Keeping up on prep-work for your still is mission critical.

If your setup has a condenser, hook up your water input and output. Running Your Still Now for the fun part! Collecting Your Distillate. Collecting Hearts This is the good stuff, mostly ethanol.