Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011

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Smaller countries tend to have higher rates of skilled emigration.

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Almost all physicians trained in Grenada and Dominica have emigrated abroad. Refugees and asylum seekers made up The share of refugees in the population was Middle East and North Africa had the largest share of refugees and asylum seekers among immigrants 65 percent , followed by Sub-Saharan Africa 17 percent , South Asia 20 percent , and East Asia and Pacific 8.

Remittance Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa for 2011

The true size, including unrecorded flows through formal and informal channels, is believed to be significantly larger. Recorded remittances are more than twice as large as official aid and nearly two-thirds of foreign direct investment FDI flows to developing countries.

In , the top recipient countries of recorded remittances were India, China, Mexico, the Philippines, and Poland. As a share of GDP, however, smaller countries such as Tajikistan 50 percent , Tonga 38 percent , Moldova 31 percent , the Kyrgyz Republic 28 percent , and Lesotho 27 percent were the largest recipients in Rich countries are the main source of remittances.


Russia ranks as the second largest, followed by Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. Remittances Compared with Other Resource Flows.

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Developing Countries. Regional Tables.

Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011

Financial Inclusion. Long-Term Finance and Capital Markets.

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