Love and Psychedelics

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It was a eureka moment.

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I should speak with Love. Our conversation continued for 5—6 hours in the cafe, in the market and next to the lazy river.

A Long, Strange Trip - Psychedelics and Loving Awareness

We finished the night hanging out at the girls hostel on a hammock under the stars. The stage was set, the seeds were planted and I was ready to blossom in my first psychedelic experience. I met Charm in Chiang Mai a couple weeks before my trip to Pai. She is cycling from Vietnam to Malaysia. She completely embodies and is worthy of her name. Her thigh muscles could snap you in half. If I was to experience magic mushrooms it had to be in a safe environment, with the right people and in a strong mental state.

Charm had tried these mushrooms a week or so before so knew what to expect, and I trusted her. We jumped on our rented scooter and headed to the Sunset Bar. The bamboo made structure sits on the side of a hill overlooking the paddy fields. There are Hammocks, cushions and mushroom shakes.

5 Myths About Psychedelics That We Need to Stop Spreading

I was ready for my first trip. As we drank down the all green natural looking shake I felt only a little apprehension. Other than spending much of the next 4 hrs kissing Charm, I had 3 very memorable experiences during the trip. It was literally the stupidest thing to ask in the world. Love just is. You embrace it. You share it. You are it. We are it. As I was sitting there tripping, taking in deep breaths, each one cleared something new.

I felt lighter. As if my whole jaw was relaxing from the tension that has built up over 32 years of my existence.

Every breath was intensely satisfying and it felt just wonderful. Again, this was followed by fits of laughter! If I cared what other people thought at this point, I would have looked ridiculous. Charm asked me what animal I was. Firstly, being reborn as a different animal can free you from the limitations of your ego. That is, the self that you hold so dearly unconsciously.

We all do. For me, I have neural pathways that were strengthened during adolescence associated with an apprehension and anxiety of talking in front of people, which has held me back from practing the art and skill of verbal communication my whole life. What were your teenage years like? Do you have any strong memories from these years? How does it affect your decision making now? It possibly is, without you realising.

So it makes sense to believe in, and create a new ego. I now associate growth with my new ego, as opposed to my old one. Every one one of us. So I decided to be a big-ass dragon, with a huge heart and a bellowing voice. For me, believing in reincarnation is about self-growth. What self do I want to be?

How do I want to grow?

5 Myths About Psychedelics to Stop Believing

That includes many intelligent people with a solid background in science. I began writing this post a few days after my trip to Pai whilst I had diarrhoea… which Ryan said I was going to have at roughly this point in order to clear out the old. But what I do know is that I let him talk to my unconscious that evening and he planted seeds in my mind that are strengthening every day. I can feel the change, and love is growing inside of me.

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Thank-you Ryan. Thank-you Charm. Some other notes I wanted to include:.

The Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way (Official Video)

There may be some truth to the psychedelic-munching, tree-hugging hippie stereotype, according to a new study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. By looking at nearly 1, people who have tried LSD, mescaline and psilocybin, researchers found an increased interest in progressive environmental practices such as recycling and concern about climate change. In other words, maybe taking acid can make you appreciate Mother Nature more. Ritual psychedelic use among indigenous people has occurred for more than 5, years, predating all major religions.

In other words, cultures that worship animals or nature are more likely to love nature and also use psychedelics. At first, they included natural deliriants like datura or mandrake, which were later dropped because too few people have tried them. When using psychedelics, the line between self and environment is blurred, caused by increased connectivity in the default mode network , an interconnected matrix of brain regions.

Of course, any correlation design comes with some caveats. For example, these surveys are self-reported—so the respondents could be lying about how much they recycle. So, not everyone who takes shrooms is a hippie—however, it does seem that taking psychedelics will increase behavior, such as energy consumption and waste management, that is beneficial to the planet. But they do call for more research in this area, to explore more of the positive benefits and low negative aspects of using psychedelics in general.