I, Shithead: A Life in Punk

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I, Shithead - A Life in Punk

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Something better Change. War on Which is your most frequent song and which is the song you always want to play? I like playing "Woke Up Screaming". You do Eve of Destruction a fucking good song , which other covers do you do?

Rock Book Show Interview: D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley "I, Shithead: A Life in Punk" "Talk-Action=0"

Takin Care o' Business. Communication Breakdown. La Grange. Why a cover? Because hey are fun and they can mean something special. What do you know about Sweden, what is typical swedish? Sweden is fairly flat, alcohol is completely over taxed and over priced. Kids get really fucked up before the show starts???

Volvo's are expensive. Turbo Negro are probably the most over rated band of all time. Have you heard any swedish bands worth to mention?

Joe Keithley

The Bones are cool. Please rank your five favourite records, five favoruite concerts and five most important things in life?


Paranoid Black sabbath. Bo Marley live. Iggy Pop 1st three albums. Bob Dylan 1st three albums. Ramones First, last and most expensive record ever bought? Have not bought a record in years.

Until then, his total earnings as a punk musician were in the low three figures. That leads to musicians being more concerned with bling than ideas. Kicking the giant helps keep the powerful from feeling too secure.

I Shithead a Life in Punk

Punk was—is—meant to expose our hypocrisy consumerism, policing, drug laws, the environment, sexuality, corporate manipulations, war-mongering, free speech—take your pick and release the demons of nonconformity, crowd-surfing, et al. Hydro substations in the weeks before he joined them; his connection to firebombing Red Hot Video outlets around the Lower Mainland led to a year jail sentence.

By , the punk anarchists had proven their most virulent critics correct. You do have to kick against the structures.

I, Shithead A Life in Punk

You do have to question conformity. These ideas are more important today than when he started saying them decades ago. Despite the neatly mown lawn and beige curtains, this is the place B. Place—no, the Coliseum maybe—to the rim.

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T-shirt—to suggest incipient mayhem. Their three strangely normal adolescent kids have tastes in music that do not, Keithley accepts with parental equanimity, include punk.


He can look across suburban rooftops to the slopes of Burnaby Mountain where, 40 years ago, he and Gerry Hannah dreamed of escaping suburban conformity. From his garage come no neighbour-infuriating cannonades of drumming, no amplified guitar riffs, no obscene lyrics likely to provoke calls. In preparation for one of their regular road trips, or their upcoming anti-Olympic protest gig planned for late February, D. They run through half of their song set: Keithley, wearing earplugs and singing, on lead guitar; James Hayden on drums; Dirty Dan Yaremko on bass.