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Rhinestone Awareness Ribbon Charms. Heart-Shaped Awareness Ribbon Earrings. Tulip Glass Beads - 9mm.

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Flat Stretchy Cording. Large Polymer Snap Beads with Flowers - 17mm. Light Pink Jump Rings.

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Two-Tone Pearl Beads - 8mm. Star of David Earrings Craft Kit. Halloween Jump Rings. Clear Stretchy Cording - 1mm. Small Metal Closures.

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Carpe Diem Connector Charms. Zoo Animal Pony Beads. Black Round Stretchy Cording. Patriotic Tassels. Animal Abuse Awareness Ribbon Charms. Large Chinese Knot Snap Beads - 20mm. Celebration Pearl Bead Assortment - 8mm. Black Square Neon Alphabet Beads. Flag Ribbon Charms. Antique Goldtone Loop Bangle Bracelets. Blue Angel Earrings Craft Kit. Spring Dangle Enamel Charms. Smile Face Charms - 18mm.

Valentine Large Hole Bead Assortment. Jingle Bell Earring Kit. Nutcracker Beaded Earring Craft Kit. Barrel Large Hole Beads - 14mm. Silvertone Toggle Clasps. Enamel Snowman Charms. Hot Pink Jump Rings. Goldtone Rope Knot Beads - 6mm. Former Etsy product. The eucalyptus vase is a bit more complicated but still easy enough to do yourself. You will need a vase or jar, hot glue gun, spray paint in any color that you want and eucalyptus. Just pull the leaves from the eucalyptus and glue them to your glass. Once you have them all glued in place, paint the vase any color.

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If you have old mason jars or just any old jar that you do not need, why not save it from the landfill and simply make it into a beautiful vase? You just need to take a bit of paint and cover the jar however you want.

You can also use old bottles if you want a vase with a smaller tip. Modge Podge is great and you can be as creative as you like. You can use strips of paper cut from magazines or even create pictures if you want. Glue your modge podge to any glass container and you have lovely vases that can be completely customized so they are perfect for gift giving.

Who knew creating mosaics was so easy and so much fun? You will need a glass container and a collection of broken tiles. Simply glue the tiles to the container using a hot glue gun. Note that you do not have to follow any specific pattern but you can be creative and make pictures from the mosaic if you want.

These tin can vases are as easy to make as they come.

You will need a few cans or you can use bottles or jars if you want. Take a selection of scrapbook paper and simply cover the vase in any pattern that you want. You can also add scrapbooking decorations to make them really unique or tie them up with a ribbon. This is the most creative vase in our selection and uses real twigs that you can readily find outside. Just find an old jar and begin measuring twigs to fit it lengthwise. Use hot glue to make the twigs stick to the jar and then you can tie the entire thing together with twine or a ribbon.

Using you straw or a toothpick, wrap the tick end of the magazine around a couple of times, then start adding pva glue to stick it all down nicely. Avoid adding PVA glue to the straw or toothpick, else the bead will stick to this. This makes it easier if you are working with children. Once the strip is used up, carefully add another layer of PVA, slide off your straw and put them down to dry.

I found they were fine on a plate. Red Ted can look and learn! We have made necklaces but I alos love these xmas tree decs and stars.. Very pretty. Oh yes, I think you are right, it looks like a snowflake!!! I made these when I was a teenager but used toothpicks- I like how you made them kid friendly using straws. Great point! And even my two year old can manage threading these ones!

Oh, we LOVE making these! So fun to see how the beads come together depending on the paper used. Glossy pages have produced my favourite beads so far, though old faded book pages are a delight too. I love that picture frame idea! Love them! How fun!

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I would love it if you would share at Sharing Saturday. These are absolutely brilliant. Little bit of crafting fun for mummy and little bit of threading fun for toddler. Definitely giving this one a go. Thanks for sharing. I have not seen those made before, and they look fabulous.