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Pottier, B. Pans: PUF.

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Raible, W. Pans: Payot. Schepping, M. Schwarze, Chr, Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft. Sptachtypologie und Texilinguistik. Festschrift fur Peter Hartmann. Silverstein, M. In Dixon. Canbeira: Australian lnstitute of Aboriginal Studies.

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Talmy, L. Toward a Cognitive Semantics. Cambridge, Mass. Tannen, D. Noi-wood, N. Taylor, J. Linguistic Categorization. Prototypes in Linguistic Theoiy. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Njunga J, Blystad A.

KOCH, Peter a. KOCH, P. Kocu, P. Verticales [Ouvrage]! Groupe Madrigall Plank, F. Asian and African Studies 1.

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WHO Press; Antiretroviral drugs for treating pregnant women and preventing HIV infection in infants. PLoS Med. Prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission in resource-poor countries: translating research into policy and practice. Surveillance of mother-to-child HIV transmission: socioeconomic and health care coverage indicators.

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Virology Journal. Patient factors to target for elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Global Health. Clinics in Mother and Child Health. The picture, indeed, drawn by him of peasant owners round about Sauve and Ganges, in the department of the Gard, may well bear comparison with the traveller's experiences to-day. It would be an insult to common sense to ask the cause. The enjoyment of property must have done it. Give a man the secure possession of a black rock and he will turn it into a garden.

Here it is necessary to put in a word of explanation. Our author sets down one-third of French territory as belonging to the peasant at the time he wrote. This is one of the few errors of a very exact writer. In reality only a fourth of the soil belonged to the people before the Revolution, their little holdings having been acquired by means of incredible laboriousness and privation.

The origin and development of peasant property throughout France can only be touched upon here. We must go very far back, farther even than the enfranchisement of the serfs by Louis le Hutin, in order to trace the progressive transfer of land. The Crusades, especially that of St.


Bernard, brought about a veritable revolution in the matter of land tenure. The seigneurs, impoverished by all kinds of extravagance, then sold portions of property, not only to rich bourgeois and ecclesiastics, but to their own serfs, for the purpose of furnishing the necessary equipment. Many nobles thus succeeded in procuring ransom, forfeiting patrimony for their soul's good. The Tiers Etat as a political body already existed. In the words of a living authority lately quoted, 3 peasant property, far from being a device invented all of a piece and carried by force of law, dates from a period long anterior to the Revolution.

In some places the number of small parcels of land has hardly changed from early times.

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The sale of church lands had by no means the effects attributed to it. About one-third of these consisted of forest, which was added to the state, another third consisted of buildings and town property, the remaining third, consisting of land, was sold in the lots actually existing without being divided at all, and the purchasers were for the most part well-to-do bourgeois. These observations have seemed appropriate, as much confusion still exists on the subject among ourselves.

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That peasant property is the direct creation of the Revolution appears to be the generally accepted theory in England. Had Arthur Young's travels been read here with the attention paid to them by our French neighbours, such an error would have been cleared up long ago.

The Gard, of which our traveller gives so glowing a description, is by no means one of the most favoured departments. The phylloxera and the silkworm pest have greatly affected the prosperity of both town and country, yet the stranger halting at Le Vigan, or making his way thence to Millau in the Aveyron, finds himself amid a condition of things usually regarded as Utopian—a cheerful, well-dressed, self-supporting population, vagrancy unknown, and a distribution of well-being perhaps without a parallel in any part of Europe.

Again and again will occur to his mind the famous passage with which Virgil concludes his second Georgic, that beautiful picture of pastoral happiness, which if imaginary in old Roman days, is so often realized in the rural France of our own. Next Arthur Young visits the Landes on his way to Bordeaux.

Here extraordinary changes have taken place within the last twenty years; what then must be the transformation wrought during the course of a century? Plantations, the sinking of wells, drainage, and irrigation, are fast fixing the unstable sands, making fruitful the marsh, and creating a healthful climate and fertile soil. Early in the present century the land Edition: current; Page: [ xii ] here was sold "au son de la voix;" 4 in other words, the accepted standard of measurement was the compass of human lungs.

The stretch of ground reached by a man's voice sold for a few francs. Crops are now replacing the scant herbage of the salt marsh, and the familiar characteristic of the landscape, the shepherd's stilts, are already almost a thing of the past. Six hundred thousand hectares of Landes planted with sea-pines produce resin to the annual value of fifteen million francs. This noble tree, the pinus maritima, is here achieving a climatic revolution similar to the changes effected by the febrifugal Eucalyptus in the once fever-stricken plains of Algeria.

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Many arid tracts are now covered with magnificent forests of recent growth, not only affording a source of revenue, but transforming the aspect and climatic conditions of the country. Only an inconsiderable proportion of the Landes remains in its former state.

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Arthur Young's second journey takes him through Brittany and Anjou. Here also advance has been so rapid within our own time that the traveller revisiting these provinces finds his notes of ten or fifteen years ago utterly at fault. The privileges were swept away with a stroke of the pen twelve months later; the poverty, though an evil not to be so summarily dealt with, has gradually given way to a happier state of things Of no French province can the economist now write more hopefully. The sabots into which the bare feet of both master and men, mistress and maids, were thrust a few years ago, have been Edition: current; Page: [ xiii ] replaced by shoes and stockings.